Egg Ornaments

Ornaments are made primarily with small to double-yolk goose eggs.

Chantilly Lace lighted Goose-(battery)

Chantilly Lace lighted Goose-(battery)

The Flapper

The Flapper

Mardigras Mask

Mardigras Mask - Emu egg

Chickadee Orn goose

Chickadee Ornament - goose

Faerietot Ornament goose

Faerietot Ornament goose

Faeritot Orn goose back

Faerietot Ornament goose back

Carved Poinsettia

SOLD! Carved Poinsettia

Carved Poinsettia side-2

Carved Poinsettia side-2

Victorian Girl goose v-100

SOLD! Victorian Girl goose v-100

Mouse in a Shoe goose

Mouse in a Shoe goose

Poinsettia Glow goose

SOLD! Poinsettia Glow goose

Hello Santa duck

SOLD! Hello Santa - duck

Christmas Ornament 200

Christmas Ornament # 200

The Red Feather - goose

The Red Feather - goose

Crystal Night goose

SOLD! Crystal Night - goose, lighted

Wedding Night Rhea

SOLD! Wedding Nightlight Rhea egg

Snowman Kids goose v-102

Snowman Kids (Victorian) goose

Russian Snow Flakes goose

Russian Snow Flakes - goose

Aurora Star lighted ornament

SOLD! Aurora Star goose (lighted ornament)

Aurora Star lighted - closeup

Aurora Star - lighted closeup

12 Responses to Egg Ornaments

  1. SAMIR says:

    Do you have wholesale price list? Need your telephone number

  2. admin says:

    Each piece is unique. I can talk to you about wholesale to resellers only.
    Call 770-913-0400 and let’s discuss.

  3. Kim Tyburczy says:

    Do you sell the kits, and how do I order.

    Thank you,

    Kim T.

  4. admin says:

    Greetings Tim,
    I can sell kits on certain eggs. Some are already made up, others I would have to write the instructions and make up the kits. If you let me know which eggs you haveinterest in, I can give you more precise information. Give me a call if you like at 913-0400 and we can discuss in detail.

    Kind regards,

  5. Margaret Brucato says:

    Dear Luanne –

    My 90-year-old mother started giving me egg Christmas ornaments more than 30 years ago, and by now I have quite a collection. She would get them from local egg shows in her area in Michigan. Mom has now run out of ideas, and has asked me to help. Do you accept commissions for a Christmas egg?

    Thank you so much –
    Margaret Brucato

  6. admin says:

    How wonderful to have such treasures from your mother.

    Yes, I make Christmas egg ornaments and I accept commissioned orders.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

  7. admin says:

    Yes, I accept commissions for Christmas eggs. Anything in particular that you are looking for?
    Kind regards,

  8. Teresa says:

    We had an ornament exchange last night at our church. There was a blue goose egg with a white nativity scene embossed on it that was beautiful. I think it had your company name on it. Do you have those for sale???

  9. Debbie says:

    Thirty-0ne years ago my son was given a goose ornament for his first Christmas that he still has. He has had his first child and I would love to give his son a goose ornament for his first Christmas. I was wondering if you had something similar to the Mouse in the Shoe ornament with Baby’s first Christmas, or if something similar could be made and what the cost would be.
    Thank you

  10. admin says:

    I would have to see a picture. Possibly could make one. 🙂 Luanne

  11. robert Chaffee says:

    About 1970 I used to take the plastic eggs that my wife got when she bought panty hose. Did a lot of eggery. Got most of my supplies from Hobby Lobby. Do you know where one could obtain those type eggs.

  12. admin says:

    Check the stores around easter time. There are colored plastic eggs, maybe…

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