Art Gallery

Into Liquid

Into Liquid – mixed media

Red Sails in Acrylic

RED SAILS Acrylic $550


HUMMINGBIRD COUPLE Acrylic $275 framed

Birds of Paradise




Acrylic, Professionally Framed

TROPICAL SUN Acrylic,  Framed $850


BALLOONING photo with photoshop enhancementBALLOONING photo with photoshop enhancement

Late Winter

LATE WINTER Acrylic Framed $875

Hazey Night

Hazy Night – photograph on canvas gallery wrapped $325

Cheeky – photograph

Dungeon Window

Dungeon Window – photograph

Colorado Gold Mine

Colorado Gold Mine – Digital Art and Photography

Home Office

Home Office – photography

Labyrinth of Dreams II

Labyrinth of Dreams II – photography and digital art

Blacksmiths Window

Blacksmith’s Window – photograph enhancedButterfly Swirl – photographMemories – Digital Art

Day Lily Delight

Day Lily Delight – photography

Magical Lily

Magical Lily – photography and digitally enhanced

The Tiffany Window

The Tiffany Window -photograph

Yellow Window

Yellow Window – photograph

A Boghouse

A Boghouse – photograph

Yellow Door

Yellow Door – photograph

Wales Bay Town

Wales Bay Town – photography

Wig Farm

Wig Farm – photograph

Butterfly Swirl

Butterfly Swirl – photography

God Loves

God Loves – photography

This Old House

This Old House – mixed media

Devil's Tooth

Devil’s Tooth – photography

Fog in the Valleys

Fog in the Valleys – photograph

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  1. jeane emsweller says:

    how can i contact you and what are the prices?

  2. admin says:

    Call 770-913-0400
    Luanne White

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