Egg Artistry

Welcome to the world of egg artistry. Egg decorating has been around for many centuries. Two of the most popular are pysanky and Faberge-style egg artistry. Luanne White of  Eggstravagant Art takes it to higher levels by creating Faberge inspired egg artistry, jewelry, dioramas with lighting, music, sculptures, various forms of jewelry with a variety of genuine egg shells and more. With the use of genuine snail eggs to ostrich egg shells her imagination never rests.

Enjoy your  journey through her wonderful world of egg artistry and other forms of art.

Egg Jewelry

egg pendants and earrings

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King Tut

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Butterfly Spree

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Other art forms

Mystic Mountains

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Egg Carving & Sculpture

Winter Moon Emue egg carving

Winter Moon Emu egg carving